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Our goal to note contractors

The 1st business directory website and companies international, test products and services in equation to be totally independent without constraint, to try to influence you and the third party use of some marketing marketing abuse dreamer. In addition to make known these skills to undertake and improve these errors.
Sure to be up to date in the regulation and data security to the maximum.

The four different badges

Badge par Livingx.World
not tested
Badge par Livingx.World
Badge par Livingx.World
Badge par Livingx.World
Approuvate Customers

What does the 4 icons mean

Business is business, put your comments, approve your experience, can give the greatest advice of these entrepreneurs with confidence or not to the customer and shared the content.

Detailed Independent Tester Reviews

Customer service
How is the customer or the customer
Under the authorization of the company manager, what atmosphere have the hierarchy of your employ, be human to solve problems with solutions.
Team atmosphere
Web regulations
Whether anywhere in the world or in France checks to the bare essentials
Thoroughly scan web security required, and if there are no security vulnerabilities
web security
Independent review
I explore, to be patient and observe if even client case also approves well before me without being partner.

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