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The administrator has just just replaced a so-called intermediate systems towards an in-house comment system, finally possible with member space and the security that follows.

Moreover, it is possible to access the sites more secure with your account, I propose you use:

  • Google Authenticator = Tested is recommended
  • You can always continue to use with password = deprecated.

For the customers:

What you will be able to do on the site to tell the truth, nothing special, you have tested any product or service of a professional leave a comment from the company or an individual who cares and present on the lists (Whose verification of identity is obligatory before putting anything in one or more comments).


For companies:

What do the trolls on the internet or false comments to extend, put an identity verification mandatory for who you have to do as bad honest clients, but if you actually do not improve against a critic, I can nothing to help you more ...


Inspector (anonymous):

There may be inspectors who are part of your clientele then do it. (Inspectors corrupt not accept).



All advertising advertisers will have a place available to promote your advertising on our site, purchase CPC / CPM by the priority of the site

Good works and improve your services.

Then become members, right now!


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