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All companies inform the home pages indicating that your company are 100% secure, some are just lies.

The priority of the website will independently conduct several processes annually at the end of the school year.


We have 3 things to check: Client (Web browser) -> SSL/HTTPS (Guarantee internationally) -> Server (already fix or update for old flaws / prepare for future security flaws)

If the contrary case some companies to more known until the less known this turns to the web "there are several reasons", but does not secure to the maximum vice the unpopularity web and spend in digital marketing for nothing.   

Make savings and give confidence to your future customers.

 It takes a minimum [A-] or even better [A et A+], si [B],  [C],  [D],  [E] et [F] does not guarantee any security of your data, example with this website (scaner sinces



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