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Dear to all webmasters / Developer and SEO-Marketing,

  • Where you are located in the worlds?
  • You work at a small shop company to create their website
  • No need to register on the site
  • You want to let the company know that you have designed the site

I am writing you to do before starting:

  1. Register on -> taking API access token
  2. Generate a plan with -> create plan, where is it? For example the shop, clothing shop, restaurant, etc ...
  3. When creating the plan do not forget to mention Name + Address + Monday - Sunday: Opening hours
  4. Then share on my @alexonbalangue account in github since -> showing Your-business.geojson*
  5. A check on all shapes.
  6. Then in 1 month will be export from this link
  7. If elsewhere, you have video media such as youtube, daylimotion, vimeo etc ... Contact me at [email protected]
  8. You are quiet now.
  9. Thank you for your help!
  10. It's up to you to play, rather very simple no !!


If the website you designed is under Joomla use this code [.mapbox-intern apitoken="MapBox API ACCESS TOKEN" idcss="MAPIDcss" lat="Latitude" lng="longitude" zoom="2" url="http://link.tld/file (without indicate .geojson)" /.]

*= Put in the folder in the right place.


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